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Men At Work Landscaping LLC

Established in 1989, we have been servicing customers for over 25 years!

From weekly lawn mowing to patio installation, we can handle any and all of your outdoor landscaping needs. From the initial consult through the entire project Bob the owner will be there every step of the way. We are a small but mighty company specializing in customer relations and satisfaction. Any size job big or small we can help you with beautifying your property.

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Lawn Mowing and Fertilizing

Our weekly for irrigated lawns and bi-weekly for non irrigated lawns include:

lawn mowing with our commercial grade mowers,

removing clippings, string trimming of all beds, walkways and edges of lawn

blowing of decks walkways and patios


6 Step Fertilization Program  for our yearly lawn accounts

This program is designed to treat various types of disease's, insects, crab grass,weeds.   

Our program will help maintain healthy lawn and shrubbery.

1. Early Spring (Patriot's Day) Fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass control & lime application.  This will help destroy crabgrass seeds before they spread and will provide a lush green color.

2. Spring (Memorial Day) Weed-n-feed, also a good time to plant and seed new and exsisting lawns.

3. Early Summer (4th of July) Fertilizer with broadleaf control.

If needed Grub preventative will be applied at an additional cost.

4. Later Summer (Labor Day) Fertilizer application will help with the with the stress of summer heat; drought. Grub control will be applied at an additional cost only if needed.

5. Early Fall (Columbus Day) Fertilizer application and if needed broadleaf weed control. This will help restore nutrients lost during the summer months and also provide color and root stimulation. Fall is also a good time to re-seed or plant a new lawn.

6. Winter (Veterans Day) Fertilizer and lime application, this may be done with  the fall clean up or separately.

With our 6 step program you will need to be sure your lawn  is adequately watered to maintain healthy growth. Your lawn should never be cut lower than 3" to maintain moisture.

***Shrub and Tree Programs are separate from the 6 step lawn

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