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Landscaping your property not only adds value to your home and neighborhood, it gives you a wonderful feeling every time you pull in the driveway!


Should I fertilize my lawn?


Yes! Yes! Yes!  Fertilizer sweetens the soil making it harder for weeds to grow. Weeds love acidic soil, pine trees etc. Fertilizer is a must for a green weed free lawn.


My foundation leaks can your company help me?
Yes you could just need a simple gutter cleaning. Some houses on the cape have clay instead of rich draining soil, in this case dry wells could help your problem.  Dry well will collect rain water and direct it away from your foundation.


What type of pavers do you install?


We use Cambridge pavers 90% of the time. These pavers are wonderful, they are baked with a product called Armor Tech meaning they will NOT fade. You can add on to your project years down the line and the pavers will match like they we installed all at the same time.  These products come in many shapes colors and patterns and will add value to your property.



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